Princess Ardínia lived in the 10th century, in the castle of Lamego, when this land was under Arab rule. It was the period of the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula to the Arabs.

The beauty of the Princess was spoken by all sides. One day the Christian Knight, D. Tedom, came in disguise to Lamego, and fell in love. After a few dates in the orangery of the Castle, in the moonlight, they decided to marry.

But the Moorish King, father of the Princess, did not consent the wedding of his Muslim daughter with a Christian.
On a night of gale, Princess ran away with her loved one away, hiding in the convent of São Pedro das Águias, where they married.

But Ardínia's happiness was short-lived. The father, who was out on his Manhunt, met her close to river Távora and, knowing she had married and converted to Christianity, killed her with his sword and threw the body to the water. D. Tedom when he knew of the death of his beloved, swore to never married again and threw himself into the Muslims fighting. He has been killed, near a small river, which got his name, Tedo River.

Nowadays, people says, that the waters of the rivers Tedo and Távora sometimes appear red, because the blood of the loved ones: Tedom and Ardínia.


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